In 2016 tobacco and cloth was given to Nancy Rowe (a ceremony leader of the Mississauga of the New Credit) with the elected Chief Stacey Laforme in attendance to seek guidance on how to restore indigenous governance in the place now called Toronto for the benefit of the land and water. Instruction was initially received for four ceremonies. The development of the Odenaansan Project is rooted in these ceremonies.

This came on the heels of Greg Allen and Kevin Best having been involved in developing a community energy plan for Wahgoshig First Nation and Saugeen First Nation. The Integrated Community Development (ICD) approach grew out of this work and the above-mentioned ceremonies.

The Odenaansan Project is envisioned as a ten year project to put into place a plan for the next 150 years. Walt Bressette  said it would take 150 years to reverse the damage in the Great Lakes as it had taken 150 years to create it. Obviously, this is not a hard number as the invaders came to the Eastern doorway far longer ago. We acknowledge that we need to fast track this and get it done in 150 years.