We are starting with pilot projects that have three points of contact, as with a teepee. Within each of those three points there will be another three points. They are:

  • What is now known as Southern Ontario (e., south of the Canadian Shield);
  • Africa starting at the headwaters of the Nile; and
  • The Yucatan in Maya land (Mexico) (this last project is nascent).

Within this we will be dealing with project components such as:

  • Hygiene for the homeless
  • Tiny houses
    • Zero GHG emissions
    • Off the grid/grid tie


This engagement has taken the form of socials, talking circles, media content and others with help from individuals, faith communities, community groups and individuals within government or government entities and constant recruits of people motivated to help and also subject matter experts. This is consistent with the principle of “free, prior and informed consent”. This usually applies to First Nations that are being consulted but, in this case, applies more broadly to the wider community.